Fredy is a road construction worker who lives with his wife Yoana and their two children; Sofia is four years old and Tadeo one year old. Fredy came to Houston Habitat looking for a home for his family.

Fredy’s parents are Houston Habitat homeowners and so he knew that mortgage payments for a house are more affordable than continuing to pay rent. The apartment rent is very expensive and instead of continuing to pay for something that he will never own, Fredy wants to invest in buying a home.

Fredy’s apartment is small, all four members of the family sleep in one room and the children do not have enough space to play. Some of the neighbors were outwardly displaying domestic violence and doing drugs. Fredy’s four year old had begun to notice these things and so it was time to look for a better living situation.

“Our dreams for the future are to be able to give our children a better place to live, that each child has their space in which they can develop healthily. We as a couple also need to have our rest space to be able to raise our children. Houston Habitat will be part of our dream by giving us the opportunity to have our own home and therefore a legacy for our children who are the most important thing to us.”