Families across America have adjusted their living situations to accommodate the pandemic. These efforts are hampered when overcrowding exists at home.

Although she is grateful for her family for providing a place to stay, Jennifer recognizes that she and her son Luis need more space. It can be hard to social distance when there six others in your household.

Currently sharing a room with Luis, Jennifer knows that, “he is a young boy that will soon become a teenager and one day a young man that needs his own space to grow.”

Like many of our Houston Habitat families, Jennifer sees homeownership as a foundation for her family’s success.

“Having our own home would be more than a dream come true, it would give me and my son the opportunity to live a healthy life and build a better future.”

Upon seeing his new yard Luis was thrilled. He now has space to play outside and Jennifer can feel confident knowing he is safe in his own backyard.