Kimberly is a single mother with a daughter in college and an elderly mother she cares for. She heard about Houston Habitat through a mutual friend that purchased a Habitat home.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own home and I’m so grateful that Houston Habitat is giving me the opportunity to do that. I also love what they are doing for the community, and I truly want to be a part of that! I’ve always dreamed of giving my daughter and my mother a better life and I’m so thankful that Houston Habitat is helping my dreams come true.”

There are so many reasons Kimberly wanted to leave the apartments where she lived. The constant need for repairs that were not addressed and her rent increased every year. Within her neighborhood, crime is a huge problem and Kimberly and her family grew tired of feeling unsafe and worried every time they left their home. After living in the apartment for 11 years, it was time for a much needed change and a place of her own.